About the project

The coronavirus epidemic has changed the whole world in just a few months. It locked us in our houses, limited our contacts and cancelled many activities that were a part of our daily lives and which we took for granted.

And that is not the case just for Croatia. The same is happening, with some local differences, all over Europe and around the world. Fear, uncertainty and discomfort of not knowing what tomorrow brings are the topics that dominate the present, and we want to change that.

Unity and solidarity

That is why unity and solidarity are the key topics for us in 2020. Unity during the pandemic that struck across Europe and the world, solidarity with each other, solidarity in Europe, solidarity during these troubled times, solidarity in a situation that is very difficult and uncertain on multiple levels, solidarity through emotions, humour and connecting.

European Commission in Croatia as an initiator of positive energy in society –

To mark Europe Day, the symbol of European unity, in these challenging circumstances, the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia and its partners launched the project

The aim of the project is to enable citizens to communicate their feelings, desires and hopes, in that way remind us, and point out what is the single most important thing in this moment, solidarity.

What do you miss from before the coronavirus, what would you say to coronavirus if it was a person, what will you change in your life after coming out of isolation and how do you imagine your life will be after all of this is over? These are just some of the questions that we want answered.

Join the platform, share with us your feelings, desires and hopes, share them via social media, invite your family and friends to join you and contribute to the messages of solidarity and community to replace the feelings of fear, uncertainty and discomfort.

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