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Young Europeans show solidarity with their fellow citizens by volunteering

The European Solidarity Corps program helps to find opportunities for volunteering and providing assistance

Solidarity and unity are among the fundamental values ​​on which the European Union is built. Through solidarity we can significantly contribute to creating a better society. Solidarity can be defined as a sense of responsibility towards the community and a commitment to the common good that is expressed through concrete actions, without expecting anything in return.

Numerous young people across Europe are willing to work and volunteer to help to the most vulnerable members of society. However, it is often a problem for young people and associations to find the volunteering program they want and which bring a sense of personal fulfilment. The European Solidarity Corps is a great program that helps them to discover perfect opportunities for volunteering.

Three types pf projects

During volunteering, young people can gain invaluable experience, develop their skills and contribute to the society. There are three types of projects within the European Solidarity Corps:

  1. Volunteering
  2. Internship and employment
  3. Solidarity projects

The goal of the European Solidarity Force is to resolve difficult situations throughout the European Union and to strengthen solidarity and unity. Projects and activities are very diverse and are implemented within different areas of interest such as education, health system, social integration and labour market inclusion, assistance in the supply of food and other products, building of shelters, construction work, renovation and management, reception and integration of migrants, environmental protection and prevention of natural disasters. Participation not only benefits young people, but also contributes to the efforts of national and local authorities, non-governmental organizations and companies in dealing with various challenges and crises.

Areas of interests

Who can participate?

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 can participate. Registration is free and all public, private, national and international organizations that have a valid Quality Label can apply for the projects. The new call is open until 17th September 2020 on the official website of the European Solidarity Force.

Croatian – European solidarity with citizens

Across Croatia, young people volunteer to help different communities. Orahovica, Petrinja, Vukovar and Zagreb are just some of the cities that have hosted volunteers from different countries and included them in their community. Volunteers who come to Croatia want to accomplish their life goals and work on projects that interest them which create a sense of personal fulfilment. When it comes to activities with citizens, most of them include socializing with the elderly and infirm in retirement homes, socializing and helping children with special needs and working with special associations. Volunteers come from Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Spain and Portugal. Volunteers from Croatia have also contributed to the solidarity forces in Italy and Austria. Volunteering can be an unforgettable experience for any young person during which they will accomplish great things with their small acts because only solidarity is shared further.

In the video, you can see the experiences of amazing volunteers and what motivated them to participate.


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